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SAU Membership Survey or Postings Policy/Guidelines

(Updated March 2017)

Membership Survey or Postings Approval

Survey Request Form
Please review the membership survey policy before submitting a request.
  • All requests for membership surveys or postings will be reviewed and vetted by the SAU Survey Review Committee.
  • All membership surveys or postings must receive approval from the SAU Survey Review Committee.

Membership Survey or Postings Guidelines

  • Membership survey requests or postings that include an SAU member as the principal investigator or an integral part of the investigative team will be charged a $250 fee.
  • Membership posting requests for any marketing/industry material will be charged a $1,500 fee.
  • Membership survey or posting requests that do not include an SAU member as the principal investigator or an integral part of the investigative team will be charged a $1,500 fee.
  • Surveys must be intended to lead to a presentation and publication.
  • Survey requests submitted should include:
    • An introductory statement that will be sent to the membership explaining the purpose of the survey.
    • A clearly delineated proposed hypothesis for the survey. This may not be appropriate to provide to those who are completing the survey.
    • Estimated time to complete the survey. Must take less than 10 minutes to complete.
    • Surveys should be limited in length to a maximum of 10 questions, unless justification for additional questions can be provided.
    • Link to the survey on Survey Monkey.
    • Plan for utilization of survey results.
  • Surveys collecting data for potential publication/presentation need to provide a rationale for the sample size used in the survey.
  • The statistics and power calculations should be provided, and membership must be able to meet those calculations (i.e. what proportion of solicited members must respond to meet those calculations).
  • If questions or answers are ambiguous, the committee members may edit/suggest different wording.

Membership Survey Results

  • The plan for what will be done with the results of the survey needs to be clearly outlined in the proposal request.
  • Survey results must acknowledge SAU (as an organization/membership) in publication.

Membership Survey Frequency

  • SAU Membership surveys will be limited to approximately one per month or three per quarter.
  • At least 21 days will be required from the close of the previous survey before the next approved membership survey will be sent.
  • Each survey will be sent to the SAU membership as an initial request, with one follow up reminder email sent approximately two weeks after the initial request.
  • Members will be given 14 days to complete the survey.  Then 7 days after the follow up reminder email. After approximately 21 days, the survey will be closed.