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SAU Statement on Preference Signaling (PS) and @SignalTokens

posted: August 20, 2020

The SAU would like to clarify our position on Preference Signaling (PS) and @SignalTokens for the Urology Match in 2020 – 2021. PS refers to the use of token(s) by residency applicants to express interest in a residency program during the application review and prior to interview release as a formalized way to express interest apart from traditional methods of email, phone calls, or away rotations (prior to COVID restrictions) to potentially ease application overload and provide programs with credible expression of interest by applicants. While the Executive Board of the SAU has engaged in initial due diligence on an AMA led project on PS which has included focus groups of PDs of multiple specialties who are considering use of PS, the SAU has decided that this effort would require further consideration and will not be pursuing it for the 2020-2021 Match cycle. We anticipate that an initial pilot program that ENT will be pursuing through ERAS this year will provide additional data upon which to decide if this tool would be of use in the Urology Match. However, in a year with significant changes we have determined it is not appropriate to move forward at this time although we continue to investigate the concept for future consideration.

´╗┐There is a separate entity, @SignalTokens, that is marketing the use of signal tokens to students and programs via email and Twitter. This involves a $25 fee to students and uses Urology Match data in their marketing materials. We have received correspondence from them and have communicated to them that the SAU does not endorse @SignalTokens. In order to address confusion and provide clarity, we wish to inform you of this fact and ask you to share this with student applicants widely.