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Society of Academic Urologists.

The Society of Academic Urologists (SAU) formed in 2016 when the Society of University Urologists and the Society of Urology Chairpersons and Program Directors voted to merge. This new organization is better able to meet the needs of all academicians. It maximizes benefits for educational urology programs and streamlines communications with the AUA, RRC, ABU, and other societies.

Mission Statement

SAU provides academic urologists with a forum to discuss, review, and potentially resolve critical issues in all aspects of academic urology.

Vision Statement

The Society of Academic Urologists aspires to be the world’s leading organization for academic urologists.

Education and Advocacy

The SAU’s educational programs provide a forum to examine, discuss, and establish policy for academic urology practice. Sessions cover faculty development, urologic education, academic health policy, and clinical and laboratory research. SAU communicates and collaborates with the AUA, ABU, ACGME, AAMC, RRC, AUA Office of Research, and the ACS to review and improve academic urology and address the economic and legislative policies that affect it.

Additionally, SAU gives academic urology a voice in the AUA Match program, which connects medical students interested in becoming urologists with urology programs. SAU uses a portion of the dues it collects to help support AUA Match and make it possible.